The world is much bigger than you


Being a grown up means stress being your middle name. You are running from from here to there trying to do everything at once.  Pay the bills, pick up your dry cleaning , keep your special one happy and pampered and on top of that, try not to lose your peace of mind. The end result is a zillion of people with raised BP issues, heart problems and other health issues. All because of stress of doing it all.

Being a married woman with a big family, an infant and an understanding (but sometimes childish) husband means a whole lot of hard work for me. I am trying to do dozens of things at once, whilst trying to keep everyone happy and trying not to break down under the pressure. The end result; nothing I do is perfect , everything is haphazardly done and I , personally, suffer emotionally. It was one of those days when my emotions got the better of me and I shed a few tears that my husband gave me some advice. “Its always about the priorities. Prioritize things and do them one by one. No one is perfect. Do one thing at a time and I know you will do it perfectly.”


It got me thinking, does everyone get to chose their priorities? Or am I one of the few who gets this option. I mean, I have seen people who are trying to make ends meet round the clock. I have seen people do two jobs just to feed their family even though they don’t like either of the jobs. Do they have an option of doing one thing at a time? There is so much of poverty and hunger in this world and here I am worrying over cooking, studying , feeding, etc.. There are wars going on, people dying of diseases unknown . The world is bigger than you and I . So lets take a break and be thankful that you are alive, healthy and happy in this world.


Loving yourself..


I am an individual. I have an identity which I very well like to maintain. Everyone has their own set of problems and their own set of dramas lined up in this funny journey called life.

On this journey, we get so engrossed pleasing others, taking care of others, earning money, power and fame that we forget to love ourselves. We tend to buy expensive clothing, perfumes, shoes to make others like us. To fit in the crowd, all the while forgetting to look at ourselves in the mirror and be proud of how far we have come.  Half of us get degrees because our parents wanted us to, half of us do it to achieve a position of power, be rich, have a rich household. But what about taking some time off, being with yourself? Loving yourself?


In this race of life, we humans have forgotten to love ourselves. Look closely at ourselves to notice how much we have changed, how much we hate ourselves. We constantly try to fill the void which exists in our soul. What we need to do is take a break, look at ourself, spend time alone and love ourself. Tell yourself that you have come so far and you are doing good. Things will be fine and you are a good person. You are beautiful . We have stopped loving ourselves which in turn has made us this robotic being who is constantly running errands and jobs while forgetting to live. We need to usufruct this life and the outcomes of our achievements.

Take a break, pamper yourself, motivate yourself, love yourself!

Recreate Yourself


Look around you, 

there is only fear and lies. 

Its time to recreate yourself, 

Be strong and break all the ties. 

When I look at the world around us today I am filled with despair. What I see is barbaric mass killings, cheating, scams, scandals and I am submerged with fear and shame for the human race. What is this race upto? What shall it all end in ?  Killing now a days has become as easy as typing the word on the keyboard. Rapes, murders, kidnaping, scandals have become as easy  as watching a tom and jerry episode; they come, do the deed and are out within 20 minutes and we are all left gaping at the TV . What has become of this race?

The human race was supposed to be the smart one which survives and thrives all the odds and emerges stronger and victorious. Instead , what I see is this race serving over others corpses and snatching the box of happiness of others and thriving on it . I think we need a reset. We need to recreate the goodness and the positivity which this race was all about.


Just like scientists recreate their solutions when they fail an experiment or atlas make a few tweaks here and there to make sure of the success , we need to make a few changes, or maybe recreate altogether. Just like a kid solving a mathematics recreate his entire solution again to check where he went wrong. We humans need that !!

I do not mean something like Genesis where the word ends and then starts all over again. (Apocalypse is a big NO). what i mean is recreating and finding the humanity and goodness which is still buried deep beneath the pile of greed, jealousy, lust, cheating and lying. We need to reset to out factory settings and become the race which we were meant be. The race which runs this world and makes it a better place and not a scary one.

Read to Me!!


One of the greatest joy for me is sitting alone and reading a book . But I remember long time back, when I was a kid and I used to fall sick, my elder sister used to read to me. Those were some good times. It feels so amazing when someone reads to you. A great book, a great company and a great adventure it is.


Now I am all grown up. But I refuse to grow up. No wonder, Peter Pan never wanted to grow up!! I still want someone to read to me. I want to journey through a great book with someone. People might find this wish of mine a little weird, but this world is filled with lots of weird stuff 🙂 

So, please, someone, Read to Me!!!!!!!


it’s MY world!! back OFF!!


Remember when we were kids and we got a new toy. We would play with it all day, even sleep with it by our side. We would be so possessive that even if someone else touched it or even came near it, we would become defensive!! We wouldn’t like someone else having the same toy. It was exclusively yours. Just yours. And the moment every other kid had it, you would be upset. 


Well, I am still the same . But not regarding any toy but regarding my Dream World. My Dream World consists of :

  1. My Books.
  2. My Fiction.
  3. My Fictional Characters.
  4. The Dreams I have about them .
  5. The faith I have on them. 

And the moment someone even comments about them, I am ready to disown that person immediately. The moment someone comes close to enter it and try to ruin it in any way, my ninja powers come to life. I like being the way I am. I like the way I stay in my own little world and I hate reality. So what?!! I will not let some REALISTIC person come and burst my bubble. 


Also, I am possessive.  I do not want to share my fictional world with anyone else. I love my books and my characters. I am possessive about them. I wouldn’t want someone else to be near them. 

See,it’s simple. It’s MY world, So back OFF!! 🙂 

Live and let live. 



in my dreamworld………….


This world is sometimes so confusing. Sometimes we curse our lives and sometimes we say, “My life is the best. I love my life!” Funny, isn’t it?!!

Well I have a hard time facing reality. Because in this real world, I have to wake up and go to office. I have to behave in a proper manner in front of certain people. I have to take care of what I wear, what I say, and so on. Isn’t that tedious? YES it is!! That is the reason I love being in my own dreamworld. I have come to realize that your dreamworld is the only place where you are safe. Where no on can ever hurt you or shatter your desires. Where no one can touch you or stop you.



When I am out in the big bad world, and someone is mean to me, I think of Harry Potter. I go in my special dreamworld and suddenly all those chapters where people have been mean to Harry come to me. And I survive. When someone hurts me, I again go in my special dreamworld, a sad song plays in the background . I am overwhelmed but after a while, another song, a motivational and peppy one starts and I realize how amazing I am as a person and I  love myself and my life again. 

I am telling you. This dreamworld of yours, it’s not a childish thing. It’s like your safety blanket. It keeps you going on. Also, it’s fun. There you can be anything, do anything and no one is there to judge you. You never have to be a grown up!!

So keep on dreaming 🙂