Have we grown up?


When we were kids, we always said ” Damn, I can’t wait to grow up, have a life of my own. No parents to nag me, money of my own , blah blah blah.”

Well, reality check people, growing up isn’t a cake walk.  We said all those things as we were in the illusion that grown up life is freaking amazing with no worries. But the truth is that , we have been in a cocoon made by our parents till we are teenagers, and then BAM…. we are sent to the real world!!

I always thought being a man was tuff, seeing my father take care of our entire family and others as well. Being the man of the house is a huge responsibility. But slowly, when I grew up , it hit me that NO!! Being a woman is arduous. I mean, there will be no family if there is no woman in the house. How will the man be the man of the house if there is no woman in his life? Growing up taught me this. Now , when I look at my mom all I see is her strength, her resilient attitude and her smile which is so assuring that nothing seems impossible. Will I be able to be the same when I attain her position?

Holding Hands

Can we be like our parents, our role models when we reach that stage? Will our kids look up to us like how we look up to our parents when we grow up? I realised it is only after suffering on our own do we realise what all our parents must have been through. Why is it that we humans only realise things when we go through it all ourselves? Is it the procedure of finally growing up? If so, how much do we have to go through to finally grow up? Is there a limit to growing up or is it an ongoing process?

Whatever it might be, growing up is an experience which comes with time. I hope we all grow up some day and we have smiles on our faces when we do.


Do you know?


Do you know ,
What it does to me?
When you don’t call,
MY worlds starts to fall!!

Do you know,
How much of you I think?
Tears fall,
With every blink.


Do you know,
What it does to me?
When you surprise me,
My heart skips a BEAT!

Do you know,
I have now realised.
Its because of you ,
I am tantalised!!

I Believe


All my life,

I dreamt.

That day will come,

My wait will end.

I believe in true love,

Divine and pure.

In my dreams,

Of you I am always sure!

We will meet,

It will be epic.

Till then I will believe,

And fall for no tricks.


You are worth the wait,

I believe.

You are worth every tear, every grief.

I believe.