Stepping in the abyss

It happens gradually. It is happening right now. Pushing me unknowingly, My steps tredding slowly. The abyss I enter, This relm unknown. I was trying to give warmth, The cold wind around me unfolds. Step by step, Unaware. I am trying to give love, In turn I am drowning in despair. Picture courtsey-

Nights like these

The wind silently gusting, The breathing of my loved ones slow and peaceful. Everyone around me in a slumber, Nights like these make me wonder. It’s my time to let my mind go free, Nothing to divert my attention but my own soul at will. It’s my time to dream and hope, Thinking of myContinue reading “Nights like these”

Loving yourself..

I am an individual. I have an identity which I very well like to maintain. Everyone has their own set of problems and their own set of dramas lined up in this funny journey called life. On this journey, we get so engrossed pleasing others, taking care of others, earning money, power and fame thatContinue reading “Loving yourself..”


Its hard to let go,  I am fixated on you.  You are my oxygen,  The damage done you can’t undo.    They call me obsessed ,  With this evangelic zeal.  They do not know the true essence,  Of what lies behind my veil.  Love is dangerous,  Love is a drug.  Love ain’t real,  I realiseContinue reading “Unplug”

the little things…….

Life is really full of surprises. There are ups and downs. Laughter and tears. We are so involved in our troubles and other’s troubles that sometimes we forget to enjoy the little things . Also we sometimes don’t even realise that these little things have a great impact on us in some way or theContinue reading “the little things…….”


I am sinking,  I am choking.  Deep in the sea,  I am drowning.  I struggle at first,  I try to fight.  But slowly and steadily,  I see no more light.  Darkness everywhere,  Enclosing upon me.  Every nerve is numb.  There is nothing more I can feel.  I am drowning ,  I am going lower. SlowlyContinue reading “Drowning”

tomorrow will be different

There are times when you feel,  There is nothing more left to see.  There are days when you wake up ,  And wish your life was not in a rut!!  Yes it is hard,  To carry on like this.  But you keep hope,  Tomorrow might bring you bliss!!  It will be different,  Say to yourself, Continue reading “tomorrow will be different”

the idea of you

I dream of you,  I smile.  I think of the things we will do ,  I smile.  Its the idea of you,  Which makes me strong.  Knowing you are there somewhere , Knowing it won’t be too long.  Some day I would meet you,  till then I will wait.  The idea of you keeps meContinue reading “the idea of you”

musical words………….

what is life without being a little dramatic?? since childhood I have been a very dramatic chid.  no matter what situation I would be in, I would always have a perfect song for myself and would also have a perfect book character to relate to. it’s kind of a therapy for myself. when you areContinue reading “musical words………….”




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