Loving yourself..


I am an individual. I have an identity which I very well like to maintain. Everyone has their own set of problems and their own set of dramas lined up in this funny journey called life.

On this journey, we get so engrossed pleasing others, taking care of others, earning money, power and fame that we forget to love ourselves. We tend to buy expensive clothing, perfumes, shoes to make others like us. To fit in the crowd, all the while forgetting to look at ourselves in the mirror and be proud of how far we have come.  Half of us get degrees because our parents wanted us to, half of us do it to achieve a position of power, be rich, have a rich household. But what about taking some time off, being with yourself? Loving yourself?


In this race of life, we humans have forgotten to love ourselves. Look closely at ourselves to notice how much we have changed, how much we hate ourselves. We constantly try to fill the void which exists in our soul. What we need to do is take a break, look at ourself, spend time alone and love ourself. Tell yourself that you have come so far and you are doing good. Things will be fine and you are a good person. You are beautiful . We have stopped loving ourselves which in turn has made us this robotic being who is constantly running errands and jobs while forgetting to live. We need to usufruct this life and the outcomes of our achievements.

Take a break, pamper yourself, motivate yourself, love yourself!




Its hard to let go, 

I am fixated on you. 

You are my oxygen, 

The damage done you can’t undo. 


They call me obsessed , 

With this evangelic zeal. 

They do not know the true essence, 

Of what lies behind my veil. 


Love is dangerous, 

Love is a drug. 

Love ain’t real, 

I realise its time for me to UNPLUG !! 



the little things…….


Life is really full of surprises. There are ups and downs. Laughter and tears. We are so involved in our troubles and other’s troubles that sometimes we forget to enjoy the little things . Also we sometimes don’t even realise that these little things have a great impact on us in some way or the other. 

You are a student. Lectures , assignments, presentations and exams. But amongst all this, when you spend one lazy afternoon with your best friend, it just calms you down. You forget everything for the moment. Obviously the next day you are back again in the turmoil of your student life. But the moment of peace you spent with your friend charged you up. 

You are a busy busy businessman. You have no time for family. Still once or twice a year you make sure to have a holiday with your kids and wife. No matter a long one or a short one. Because these little things make you happy and charge you up for the next hard task . 

Working woman have the most difficult lives. Juggling between family and work. But when she comes home and sees that her kids are waiting for her to wish her happy birthday (which she had forgotten) , its the mist precious of the moments. And she forgets everything. 

An old woman spends all day reading or watching TV . But when her grandson just comes up to her, hugs her and kisses her and then leaves for school, it makes her day. 


Small things matter . You just don’t realise. In this hustle of life, small things actually push you to a positive side. They might be very minute but the still matter. Take everything that comes to you. Just stay happy. 





I am sinking, 

I am choking. 

Deep in the sea, 

I am drowning. 

I struggle at first, 

I try to fight. 

But slowly and steadily, 

I see no more light. 

Darkness everywhere, 

Enclosing upon me. 

Every nerve is numb. 

There is nothing more I can feel. 

I am drowning , 

I am going lower.

Slowly I am under ,

And everything is over. 





tomorrow will be different


There are times when you feel, 

There is nothing more left to see. 

There are days when you wake up , 

And wish your life was not in a rut!! 

Yes it is hard, 

To carry on like this. 

But you keep hope, 

Tomorrow might bring you bliss!! 

It will be different, 

Say to yourself, 

Any new door can open, 

Ringing different bells.



the idea of you


I dream of you, 

I smile. 

I think of the things we will do , 

I smile. 

Its the idea of you, 

Which makes me strong. 

Knowing you are there somewhere ,

Knowing it won’t be too long. 

Some day I would meet you, 

till then I will wait. 

The idea of you keeps me motivated, 

Till then I do not mind being isolated. 


Dreaming of the unknown gives a feeling no one can understand. Building up an idea about that unknown and then dwelling upon it gives happiness to someone who finds happiness in the unknown. No one can tell why or how. It simply does. 


Your Door


I go everywhere ,
I stumble and fall.
Still it’s your door ,
Where I last call.

My journey is not easy ,
There are mistakes which I make.
Yet it’s your door ,
Where the welcome is not fake.

I do not realise ,
That your door is my destination.
I can go wherever I decide ,
But your door invites me in without hesitation.

In life , we do not realise that there are some people to whom we always turn to at the end. We know deep down that no matter what happens , we can go back to them and knock on their doors and they will be there to take us in. Someone whom we can say , ” your door is my last destination”