Stepping in the abyss

It happens gradually. It is happening right now. Pushing me unknowingly, My steps tredding slowly. The abyss I enter, This relm unknown. I was trying to give warmth, The cold wind around me unfolds. Step by step, Unaware. I am trying to give love, In turn I am drowning in despair. Picture courtsey-

Old fashioned

Call me old fashioned, But I still prefer the feel of pages and the smell of books, Rather than touch screens and ebooks. Call me old fashioned, But I still want long conversations over coffee and cookies, Instant messaging makes me feel like a rookie! What happened to plain old friendships? Where the joy ofContinue reading “Old fashioned”

Little things

I know it is a mad race out there, I know everyone is running. But take a breathe and look around, Be thankful for the little things. Just take a moment to appreciate, Maybe the dew drops in the morning, Maybe the chirping of the birds. The innocent smile your child gives you , YouContinue reading “Little things”




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