Changing for yourself


People say we change. Yes we do. But how and why?

I have heard my peers say things like, “Ever since she got married, she has changed.”

“Motherhood has changed her”

“Since he became the boss, he has changed totally!”

But is change good or bad? And doesn’t everybody change with time? Time is a funny thing and it has it’s own will. Post marriage I realized that in order to have a happy life, both the spouses have to change a bit. But nobody forces that change on you. If it is forced, it isn’t change, it is just following orders submissively. But if you change for yourself, with a will of your own, then nothing like it. It leads to a happy and peaceful life.


Many people relate change as bad. I mean, sure for some it might be. People may change their attitudes due to a superior job or sudden heartbreaks or emotional setbacks. People change for the world because of the world. That is temporary and the results are not that pleasant. A heartbreak might change you to a person who doesn’t trust anyone else. But that isn’t how it works. Sooner or later you will have someone in your life who will make you trust them. Changing because of events or people won’t help you grow. It will just add a defensive layer around you to show others.

Motherhood changes women. They no longer have time for parties or friendly brunches. But that is not wrong. It is because their only priority at the moment is their child. When the kid grows up, the brunches and parties return slowly. Nobody forces a mother to change. She does it herself. For the child and herself. That kind of change is positive and is needed.

Don’t be let down if people say you have changed. Just be glad you have done it for your own good, smile and carry on.


Loving yourself..


I am an individual. I have an identity which I very well like to maintain. Everyone has their own set of problems and their own set of dramas lined up in this funny journey called life.

On this journey, we get so engrossed pleasing others, taking care of others, earning money, power and fame that we forget to love ourselves. We tend to buy expensive clothing, perfumes, shoes to make others like us. To fit in the crowd, all the while forgetting to look at ourselves in the mirror and be proud of how far we have come.  Half of us get degrees because our parents wanted us to, half of us do it to achieve a position of power, be rich, have a rich household. But what about taking some time off, being with yourself? Loving yourself?


In this race of life, we humans have forgotten to love ourselves. Look closely at ourselves to notice how much we have changed, how much we hate ourselves. We constantly try to fill the void which exists in our soul. What we need to do is take a break, look at ourself, spend time alone and love ourself. Tell yourself that you have come so far and you are doing good. Things will be fine and you are a good person. You are beautiful . We have stopped loving ourselves which in turn has made us this robotic being who is constantly running errands and jobs while forgetting to live. We need to usufruct this life and the outcomes of our achievements.

Take a break, pamper yourself, motivate yourself, love yourself!

You and I


When the world stops,

When there is darkness everywhere.

As long as there is You and I,

There is nothing which I couldn’t bear.

When everyone leaves,

There is no one seen for miles.

As long as there is You and I,

I will always have a reason to smile!

You and I make sense.

You and I work.

After You and I commence,

I will never loose my perk!!


There is always that one person whose presence always calms you down. No matter how bad the situation is, as long as its you and that person , you can overcome anything. As long as its you and that “one” .


tomorrow will be different


There are times when you feel, 

There is nothing more left to see. 

There are days when you wake up , 

And wish your life was not in a rut!! 

Yes it is hard, 

To carry on like this. 

But you keep hope, 

Tomorrow might bring you bliss!! 

It will be different, 

Say to yourself, 

Any new door can open, 

Ringing different bells.



the idea of you


I dream of you, 

I smile. 

I think of the things we will do , 

I smile. 

Its the idea of you, 

Which makes me strong. 

Knowing you are there somewhere ,

Knowing it won’t be too long. 

Some day I would meet you, 

till then I will wait. 

The idea of you keeps me motivated, 

Till then I do not mind being isolated. 


Dreaming of the unknown gives a feeling no one can understand. Building up an idea about that unknown and then dwelling upon it gives happiness to someone who finds happiness in the unknown. No one can tell why or how. It simply does. 


The new girl


She walked inside,
Holding her breathe.
Her face was flushed,
She was avoiding the stares.

With her head down she walked,
She had a feeling she was being mocked.
It was scary.
It was a new world.
The first day at school ,
She thought she would hurl !!

Every one eyed her,
With frequent curious glances .
She sat alone ,
Trying her best to not to look apprehensive .

A tap on her shoulder,
A friendly smile .
Exchange of names ,
And the new girl felt fine .



musical words………….


what is life without being a little dramatic?? since childhood I have been a very dramatic chid.  no matter what situation I would be in, I would always have a perfect song for myself and would also have a perfect book character to relate to.

it’s kind of a therapy for myself. when you are alone and in a pickle, a song for yourself will sooth you, motivate you. when you are in love, a song for yourself will make you smile and love the person more. when you are depressed, listening to a sad song keeps you in that mood for a while and later you somehow feel better. when you are working hard , a song to motivate yourself will always buck you up!!

words with music- the songs have a huge impact on our daily lives but we don’t realise it. people go on drives alone with their ipods, not realising that those musical words are their best companions.



I realised it. it’s time you do too. and keep in touch with these musical words, they never fail you!!