Every human is structured to have dreams. To hope and imagine things. We all have certain thoughts as to what we want to be, how we want to live and whom we want to live with.

I have come across atleast 50 such moments when I caught myself saying out loud, “Some day I am going to be a writer”; “Someday I will get married, settle down and be contented”; “Someday I will change the world”; and so on….

I am sure many of you must have dreamt and imagined about this “Someday”. We all have dreams, we all want to make a difference. Even a small time office clerk has a dream of someday being a businessman. Even a house maker can have visions of someday making it big as a best selling author along with raising her kids. These aren’t pipe dreams. The certain “Someday” can exist if you don’t just dream about it but also do something about it. These phantasm ideas can turn into reality the moment you believe you can do it.

I am the one to talk, I have been dreaming of publishing my book for almost three years now but my “Someday” hasn’t arrived yet. I want this pipe dream to turn into reality. I want one of the coming days to be my “Someday”. So go get your day everyone!!


it’s simple, just breathe……………


it was a clear day . the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. everything seemed so lovely and beautiful. but nina was sad. she was upset. why you may ask? because of certain events in her life. like many others, she also had her share of problems.

why is it that sometimes it is hard to let go somethings and easy to forget others in a jiffy? why is it that always she had to stick around and try to make something work which 90% of the time won’t work? was she too optimistic or plain and simple crazy? why didn’t she simply let go and see what happens?

all these questions were swimming in her mind when she bumped into an old man. he was talking a walk with his dog. the dog was also pretty old. the old man saw the look of worry on her face and asked her,”such a beautiful young face. so full of worries?”

“yes, life is just to hard. i cannot handle all of the things happening in my life. it’s too much to take. it’s not easy.”, she let out all her feelings to the kind old man.

“why oh why, i can give you a very simple way to live life. will you listen to me?”, he asked intently. “yes, i would. please tell me”,she replied.

“it’s simple, just breathe. that’s all you need to do . just breathe and life will move on. just breathe and you will keep on living and experiencing new things. just breathe and the people you are not giving up on,  will someday realize and come back to you. there are people who stop breathing and life is over for them. at least you have the privilege to breathe and live. “


these words just changed her life. life is the way you take it. just live it to the fullest. that’s all. you have the privilege to live. nina’s life had changed. her way of looking at things changed .sometimes people you least expect are you saviors. she started living.


this story is for everyone out there who thinks life is hard. it’s simple, just breathe.