A Cogent Evidence


What makes you believe in something or someone? What is the force which drives within you to keep faith and moving forward?

Love, friendship, trust are some of the emotions which have no evidence. How will you explain to someone why you love them ? How shall you put forward your case as to why you blindly trust someone? Do you have a strong evidence of the same? I think not.


Some things are left on belief. Some things are better left unsaid. How else would you explain the phenomena of “Love at first sight”. Or what some people call the “Gut feeling”. There are certain things in life which you can’t explain and you have no evidence of . A child does’t need proof that his mother loves him.  When a woman agrees to marry a man, there is no solid proof about his intentions but she goes with it. Emotions just exist , just like vacuum. No one has seen vacuum but it exists. There ain’t any cogent evidence but still the human race thrives on love. Thats how powerful love can be. Love comes in many for, be it friends , family or your soulmate. You just need to take the leap of faith.

Be a believer!


That Girl


She is friendly. She is funny. But at the same time she is shy. She is timid. She gets scared by small things. But she isn’t afraid of bigger problems. While watching movies, she fast forwards the sad part. She never watches the parts which make her cry. She is weird. She is a nerd. She brings Harry Potter references in almost ever conversation she has. She makes mistakes . She feels guilt like no other. She is brainy but she is so dumb in real life. 


She is your friend. You love her. She wants true love and true friendship. That girl is the best thing that can happen to anyone. So if you have “That Girl” in your life, don’t let her go. She might be precious. You never know!!