A Cogent Evidence


What makes you believe in something or someone? What is the force which drives within you to keep faith and moving forward?

Love, friendship, trust are some of the emotions which have no evidence. How will you explain to someone why you love them ? How shall you put forward your case as to why you blindly trust someone? Do you have a strong evidence of the same? I think not.


Some things are left on belief. Some things are better left unsaid. How else would you explain the phenomena of “Love at first sight”. Or what some people call the “Gut feeling”. There are certain things in life which you can’t explain and you have no evidence of . A child does’t need proof that his mother loves him.  When a woman agrees to marry a man, there is no solid proof about his intentions but she goes with it. Emotions just exist , just like vacuum. No one has seen vacuum but it exists. There ain’t any cogent evidence but still the human race thrives on love. Thats how powerful love can be. Love comes in many for, be it friends , family or your soulmate. You just need to take the leap of faith.

Be a believer!


Here I go again !!


“I have learned all kinds of things from my many mistakes. The one thing I never learn is to stop making them.” 
― Joe AbercrombieLast Argument of Kings


There comes a time in life where we think we have made all the mistakes we could, we have learnt all that we should have from them and now its all done. Well, let me enlighten you- it’s delusional.

We, the human race, can never refrain from making mistakes. We just can’t. And I am not going to talk about others to explain my point of view. I am simply going to talk about myself here.

I have a knack of making the same mistakes again and again. And everytime I do that, the famous song by Abba, “Mamma Mia, here I go again !” plays in my mind. Yes, I am a dramatic person and theatrical bits are a part of my life. People make the new mistakes, but I chose to move in a circle.

“Look at me now, Will I ever learn ,

I don’t know how!”

And the song goes on. Life is too short to be making the same mistakes repeatedly. We should be making new mistakes, learning from them and moving on. Being in this loop makes me think I am stuck and  I can’t move on. So, I have convinced myself to get out of this “Repeat Mistake” loop and make new ones. Life is an adventure. Lets not be in a rut and spoil the fun!!

musical words………….


what is life without being a little dramatic?? since childhood I have been a very dramatic chid.  no matter what situation I would be in, I would always have a perfect song for myself and would also have a perfect book character to relate to.

it’s kind of a therapy for myself. when you are alone and in a pickle, a song for yourself will sooth you, motivate you. when you are in love, a song for yourself will make you smile and love the person more. when you are depressed, listening to a sad song keeps you in that mood for a while and later you somehow feel better. when you are working hard , a song to motivate yourself will always buck you up!!

words with music- the songs have a huge impact on our daily lives but we don’t realise it. people go on drives alone with their ipods, not realising that those musical words are their best companions.



I realised it. it’s time you do too. and keep in touch with these musical words, they never fail you!!