Looks don’t matter!!The Illusory fact!!


“Looks don’t matter”

We have all heard this a million times. Yet, in this very real big bad world of ours, we have seen with our very own eyes that it is so not true.

Everyone prepares a mental image with the first look at a person. We are all prejudiced no matter how much we try to deny it. “First impression”, as people say, its all about looks and attitude. I agree that attitude and personality do play an important role, but come on, are we going to like a person who looks sloppy rather than someone who is neatly dressed , with a good looking face and smart personality in the first meet? I guess not.


Lets take it from another angel. We do not like eating messy looking food. We need our food to look well cooked and well organised. Why do we set out tables while having dinner? Why don’t we just eat directly from the pan we cooked the dinner in? Why to use beautiful china? Because looks matter!

Every wedding has pictures. Everyone wants themselves to look the best. No one would know that the bride is a double PhD or a MD by looking at the picture, but they will definitely know that her hairstyle isn’t good, her dress makes her look fat and so on. Its everywhere. I can give more examples but I guess I have made my point. Sadly, even though people give their thoughts on how looks don’t matter, its the persons heart and mind which do, it isn’t what is happening everywhere. I agree, its the heart and soul of a human being which matters the most.

As said by Lord Krishna, “we should not pay a lot of attention towards our outer body, but instead should work for the inner soul, it’s satisfaction.” So reach out for the soul and not the upper covering, not the looks of the outer body.




Here I go again !!


“I have learned all kinds of things from my many mistakes. The one thing I never learn is to stop making them.” 
― Joe AbercrombieLast Argument of Kings


There comes a time in life where we think we have made all the mistakes we could, we have learnt all that we should have from them and now its all done. Well, let me enlighten you- it’s delusional.

We, the human race, can never refrain from making mistakes. We just can’t. And I am not going to talk about others to explain my point of view. I am simply going to talk about myself here.

I have a knack of making the same mistakes again and again. And everytime I do that, the famous song by Abba, “Mamma Mia, here I go again !” plays in my mind. Yes, I am a dramatic person and theatrical bits are a part of my life. People make the new mistakes, but I chose to move in a circle.

“Look at me now, Will I ever learn ,

I don’t know how!”

And the song goes on. Life is too short to be making the same mistakes repeatedly. We should be making new mistakes, learning from them and moving on. Being in this loop makes me think I am stuck and  I can’t move on. So, I have convinced myself to get out of this “Repeat Mistake” loop and make new ones. Life is an adventure. Lets not be in a rut and spoil the fun!!