A Cogent Evidence

What makes you believe in something or someone? What is the force which drives within you to keep faith and moving forward? Love, friendship, trust are some of the emotions which have no evidence. How will you explain to someone why you love them ? How shall you put forward your case as to why you blindlyContinue reading “A Cogent Evidence”

Those simpler times……….

There was a time when getting a “Good” written by your teacher would become the best day of your life. There was a time when getting that extra hour to watch television before going to bed was like an achievement. Those were the simpler times I must say. Look at us now!! We are aContinue reading “Those simpler times……….”

fictional love- so damn beautiful……….

now a days, its a trend. the VAMPIRE LOVE. reading books like twilight series, or the Vampire Diaries and also watching their on screen adaptations. it makes us girls swoon for those fictional characters . because the feeling is so damn BEAUTIFUL. isn’t it?? girls would love to have someone as HOT and protective  asContinue reading “fictional love- so damn beautiful……….”




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