A cup of positivity

Dark times like these, when everywhere you look, there are people sick, dying or scared of dying. The human race is facing something which has never been seen or experienced ever before. We have been asked to stay inside the four walls of our homes. In the comfort of our house with our family. WhyContinue reading “A cup of positivity”

Where am I?

I am a mother. I am a daughter. I am a wife. I am a daughter in law. I am a friend. I am a student. I am an aunt. So many roles. Proud to encompass them all in me. Life goes on while playing all of the above mentioned roles. Always keep one roleContinue reading “Where am I?”

If I say goodbye

One more page to turn, Then I say goodbye. Get back to this real world, Where the creativity runs dry. One more chapter, To see what my characters do. Just a little more dreaming, Then back to life where fairyatles aren’t true. If I say goodbye now, The book shut and forgotten. What use isContinue reading “If I say goodbye”

It’s okay to have feelings

In today’s world where everything is a race, people expect you to be a shark. Else you won’t move upwards and be stuck and eaten by the ones who are sharks, who don’t let emotions get in their way. On the other hand, emotional intelligence has paved its way into the corporate world making itsContinue reading “It’s okay to have feelings”

A Writers Dream…..

Every writer is like God for people like me who have live to read. Since childhood, books were my best friends. They gave me inspirations, imagination and hope. I am sure they do the same for you all as well. But did I want to be a writer since childhood? No.  I just loved reading.Continue reading “A Writers Dream…..”




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