Stepping in the abyss

It happens gradually. It is happening right now. Pushing me unknowingly, My steps tredding slowly. The abyss I enter, This relm unknown. I was trying to give warmth, The cold wind around me unfolds. Step by step, Unaware. I am trying to give love, In turn I am drowning in despair. Picture courtsey-

Where am I?

I am a mother. I am a daughter. I am a wife. I am a daughter in law. I am a friend. I am a student. I am an aunt. So many roles. Proud to encompass them all in me. Life goes on while playing all of the above mentioned roles. Always keep one roleContinue reading “Where am I?”

Nights like these

The wind silently gusting, The breathing of my loved ones slow and peaceful. Everyone around me in a slumber, Nights like these make me wonder. It’s my time to let my mind go free, Nothing to divert my attention but my own soul at will. It’s my time to dream and hope, Thinking of myContinue reading “Nights like these”

A Cogent Evidence

What makes you believe in something or someone? What is the force which drives within you to keep faith and moving forward? Love, friendship, trust are some of the emotions which have no evidence. How will you explain to someone why you love them ? How shall you put forward your case as to why you blindlyContinue reading “A Cogent Evidence”

Hurts like an open vein !!

There are certain situations which one cannot explain in appropriate words. There are certain heart breaks which leave one in a purgatory abyss. I stumbled upon a close enough explanation for one such situation/heart break. It dawned upon me while I was listening to this song called”Bleeding Love”. When someone doesn’t love you back and leavesContinue reading “Hurts like an open vein !!”

it’s crazy, i know!!

she is sitting alone,  with a book in her hand.  with no one around,  on this crazy land.  but she is not alone,  if that’s what you are thinking! she has her books, the fictional world, that for her is worth living.  …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… l, well, these lines describe girls who do not care for what the others think.Continue reading “it’s crazy, i know!!”




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