A Cogent Evidence


What makes you believe in something or someone? What is the force which drives within you to keep faith and moving forward?

Love, friendship, trust are some of the emotions which have no evidence. How will you explain to someone why you love them ? How shall you put forward your case as to why you blindly trust someone? Do you have a strong evidence of the same? I think not.


Some things are left on belief. Some things are better left unsaid. How else would you explain the phenomena of “Love at first sight”. Or what some people call the “Gut feeling”. There are certain things in life which you can’t explain and you have no evidence of . A child does’t need proof that his mother loves him.  When a woman agrees to marry a man, there is no solid proof about his intentions but she goes with it. Emotions just exist , just like vacuum. No one has seen vacuum but it exists. There ain’t any cogent evidence but still the human race thrives on love. Thats how powerful love can be. Love comes in many for, be it friends , family or your soulmate. You just need to take the leap of faith.

Be a believer!


Hurts like an open vein !!


There are certain situations which one cannot explain in appropriate words. There are certain heart breaks which leave one in a purgatory abyss.

I stumbled upon a close enough explanation for one such situation/heart break. It dawned upon me while I was listening to this song called”Bleeding Love”. When someone doesn’t love you back and leaves you in that abyss, it hurts like an open vein. BINGO, I told myself!!

How much does it hurt?Is there a measure?? I really don’t think so. This is something which you cannot measure. Is there a rating scale?? Love now a days is daily  process, people fall in love and people fall out of love and its on repeat. But the hurt which follows after every heart break isn’t pleasant. No matter it was a one day affair or a 10 year relationship. Love is love. And when the heart is broken , it will hurt. You would rather a vampire suck all the blood in your vein than experience this pain.


Yes, I am a little dramatic and use fiction to express my feelings. But hey, so do many others !! There is no harm in using fiction to hide your love or show your love. And the open vein I am talking about, I don’t get what kind of retribution it is for. When you love someone and its not reciprocated, it hurts . And the fact that you can’t let go exacerbates the pain raised to 100.

Someday it won’t hurt anymore.

it’s crazy, i know!!


she is sitting alone, 

with a book in her hand. 

with no one around, 

on this crazy land. 

but she is not alone, 

if that’s what you are thinking!

she has her books, the fictional world,

that for her is worth living. 



well, these lines describe girls who do not care for what the others think. they do not care if they are called “NERDS” OR “FANGIRLS” WHO ARE LOST IN THEIR BOOKS AND FANTASIES.

people may call them crazy:

  • they would rather sit and read a book than hang out with their friends in the mall.
  • they would rather spend an entire night finishing up an entire book under the torch light rather than talk to someone over the phone.
  • they would rather not date anyone than someone who doesn’t even know what Hogwarts is or what fan-dome she likes.
  • they do not care if they are called crazy.                                                                                       in fact , i am one of them. it’s crazy i know!! but i like it this way. i would rather spend my time reading my favorite book  again and again than waste time in some mall window shopping.

it’s fun to be crazy like this.