Read to Me!!

One of the greatest joy for me is sitting alone and reading a book . But I remember long time back, when I was a kid and I used to fall sick, my elder sister used to read to me. Those were some good times. It feels so amazing when someone reads to you. A great book, a great company and a great adventure it is.


Now I am all grown up. But I refuse to grow up. No wonder, Peter Pan never wanted to grow up!! I still want someone to read to me. I want to journey through a great book with someone. People might find this wish of mine a little weird, but this world is filled with lots of weird stuff 🙂 

So, please, someone, Read to Me!!!!!!!


it’s MY world!! back OFF!!

Remember when we were kids and we got a new toy. We would play with it all day, even sleep with it by our side. We would be so possessive that even if someone else touched it or even came near it, we would become defensive!! We wouldn’t like someone else having the same toy. It was exclusively yours. Just yours. And the moment every other kid had it, you would be upset. 


Well, I am still the same . But not regarding any toy but regarding my Dream World. My Dream World consists of :

  1. My Books.
  2. My Fiction.
  3. My Fictional Characters.
  4. The Dreams I have about them .
  5. The faith I have on them. 

And the moment someone even comments about them, I am ready to disown that person immediately. The moment someone comes close to enter it and try to ruin it in any way, my ninja powers come to life. I like being the way I am. I like the way I stay in my own little world and I hate reality. So what?!! I will not let some REALISTIC person come and burst my bubble. 


Also, I am possessive.  I do not want to share my fictional world with anyone else. I love my books and my characters. I am possessive about them. I wouldn’t want someone else to be near them. 

See,it’s simple. It’s MY world, So back OFF!! 🙂 

Live and let live. 



it’s crazy, i know!!

she is sitting alone, 

with a book in her hand. 

with no one around, 

on this crazy land. 

but she is not alone, 

if that’s what you are thinking!

she has her books, the fictional world,

that for her is worth living. 



well, these lines describe girls who do not care for what the others think. they do not care if they are called “NERDS” OR “FANGIRLS” WHO ARE LOST IN THEIR BOOKS AND FANTASIES.

people may call them crazy:

  • they would rather sit and read a book than hang out with their friends in the mall.
  • they would rather spend an entire night finishing up an entire book under the torch light rather than talk to someone over the phone.
  • they would rather not date anyone than someone who doesn’t even know what Hogwarts is or what fan-dome she likes.
  • they do not care if they are called crazy.                                                                                       in fact , i am one of them. it’s crazy i know!! but i like it this way. i would rather spend my time reading my favorite book  again and again than waste time in some mall window shopping.

it’s fun to be crazy like this.


in my dreamworld………….

This world is sometimes so confusing. Sometimes we curse our lives and sometimes we say, “My life is the best. I love my life!” Funny, isn’t it?!!

Well I have a hard time facing reality. Because in this real world, I have to wake up and go to office. I have to behave in a proper manner in front of certain people. I have to take care of what I wear, what I say, and so on. Isn’t that tedious? YES it is!! That is the reason I love being in my own dreamworld. I have come to realize that your dreamworld is the only place where you are safe. Where no on can ever hurt you or shatter your desires. Where no one can touch you or stop you.



When I am out in the big bad world, and someone is mean to me, I think of Harry Potter. I go in my special dreamworld and suddenly all those chapters where people have been mean to Harry come to me. And I survive. When someone hurts me, I again go in my special dreamworld, a sad song plays in the background . I am overwhelmed but after a while, another song, a motivational and peppy one starts and I realize how amazing I am as a person and I  love myself and my life again. 

I am telling you. This dreamworld of yours, it’s not a childish thing. It’s like your safety blanket. It keeps you going on. Also, it’s fun. There you can be anything, do anything and no one is there to judge you. You never have to be a grown up!!

So keep on dreaming 🙂 


fictional love- so damn beautiful……….

now a days, its a trend. the VAMPIRE LOVE. reading books like twilight series, or the Vampire Diaries and also watching their on screen adaptations. it makes us girls swoon for those fictional characters . because the feeling is so damn BEAUTIFUL.


isn’t it?? girls would love to have someone as HOT and protective  as Damon Salvatore. someone as sweet as Edward Cullen or Stefan. and the fact that it is FOREVER makes it all the more appealing. that’s what is the most attractive part (apart from the fact that all the men are so damn HOT!) 

fictional love is just easy for us. because these fictional characters never hurt you or never leave you. they are there with you no matter what. that’s so convenient. when people say that i am crazy because i live in my dreamworld all the time i reply happily that ,”i am totally at bliss. it’s something which makes me happy.  and if you don’t have anything that makes you so happy then it’s not my problem” 

so, people, never loose touch with the fictional side. it’s beautiful. 



in love with the words…….

since childhood, my mind has been into books and fiction. actually it still is. it takes my mind off things like REALITY!! 


and as a silly romantic girl, the love and romance in books has always held my attention. the words made me feel things which nobody else ever. Mr Darcy of Pride and Prejudice, the perfect gentleman. The love triangle of Wuthering Heights and so on. the sacrifice for love by Romeo and Juliet. i fell in love with the words. those words made me feel love and sacrifice like no human could ever make me feel.  

its funny , i know instead of loving someone else, i am in love with my books and my fictional characters. and i have a very valid reason for that, they don’t hurt me back.

i am in love with the words .


say that you love me

we watch love stories, listen to romantic songs, read classic love stories. what’s the outcome? we become hopelessly romantic. nothing wrong in that off course.

since i was a little girl and known  what love is, all i have wanted is for someone, mostly a knight in shinning armor, to come and say that he loves me. when i look at the boys around me, sending texts, emails, cards and even other friends to convey their love. i think, “cummon, just say that you love me”

every girls fantasy is that someone just comes up to her and tells her how he feels. and i am no different. i am still dreaming of my knight in shining armor.


it’s simple, just breathe……………

it was a clear day . the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. everything seemed so lovely and beautiful. but nina was sad. she was upset. why you may ask? because of certain events in her life. like many others, she also had her share of problems.

why is it that sometimes it is hard to let go somethings and easy to forget others in a jiffy? why is it that always she had to stick around and try to make something work which 90% of the time won’t work? was she too optimistic or plain and simple crazy? why didn’t she simply let go and see what happens?

all these questions were swimming in her mind when she bumped into an old man. he was talking a walk with his dog. the dog was also pretty old. the old man saw the look of worry on her face and asked her,”such a beautiful young face. so full of worries?”

“yes, life is just to hard. i cannot handle all of the things happening in my life. it’s too much to take. it’s not easy.”, she let out all her feelings to the kind old man.

“why oh why, i can give you a very simple way to live life. will you listen to me?”, he asked intently. “yes, i would. please tell me”,she replied.

“it’s simple, just breathe. that’s all you need to do . just breathe and life will move on. just breathe and you will keep on living and experiencing new things. just breathe and the people you are not giving up on,  will someday realize and come back to you. there are people who stop breathing and life is over for them. at least you have the privilege to breathe and live. “


these words just changed her life. life is the way you take it. just live it to the fullest. that’s all. you have the privilege to live. nina’s life had changed. her way of looking at things changed .sometimes people you least expect are you saviors. she started living.


this story is for everyone out there who thinks life is hard. it’s simple, just breathe.





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