Have we grown up?


When we were kids, we always said ” Damn, I can’t wait to grow up, have a life of my own. No parents to nag me, money of my own , blah blah blah.”

Well, reality check people, growing up isn’t a cake walk.  We said all those things as we were in the illusion that grown up life is freaking amazing with no worries. But the truth is that , we have been in a cocoon made by our parents till we are teenagers, and then BAM…. we are sent to the real world!!

I always thought being a man was tuff, seeing my father take care of our entire family and others as well. Being the man of the house is a huge responsibility. But slowly, when I grew up , it hit me that NO!! Being a woman is arduous. I mean, there will be no family if there is no woman in the house. How will the man be the man of the house if there is no woman in his life? Growing up taught me this. Now , when I look at my mom all I see is her strength, her resilient attitude and her smile which is so assuring that nothing seems impossible. Will I be able to be the same when I attain her position?

Holding Hands

Can we be like our parents, our role models when we reach that stage? Will our kids look up to us like how we look up to our parents when we grow up? I realised it is only after suffering on our own do we realise what all our parents must have been through. Why is it that we humans only realise things when we go through it all ourselves? Is it the procedure of finally growing up? If so, how much do we have to go through to finally grow up? Is there a limit to growing up or is it an ongoing process?

Whatever it might be, growing up is an experience which comes with time. I hope we all grow up some day and we have smiles on our faces when we do.


Recreate Yourself


Look around you, 

there is only fear and lies. 

Its time to recreate yourself, 

Be strong and break all the ties. 

When I look at the world around us today I am filled with despair. What I see is barbaric mass killings, cheating, scams, scandals and I am submerged with fear and shame for the human race. What is this race upto? What shall it all end in ?  Killing now a days has become as easy as typing the word on the keyboard. Rapes, murders, kidnaping, scandals have become as easy  as watching a tom and jerry episode; they come, do the deed and are out within 20 minutes and we are all left gaping at the TV . What has become of this race?

The human race was supposed to be the smart one which survives and thrives all the odds and emerges stronger and victorious. Instead , what I see is this race serving over others corpses and snatching the box of happiness of others and thriving on it . I think we need a reset. We need to recreate the goodness and the positivity which this race was all about.


Just like scientists recreate their solutions when they fail an experiment or atlas make a few tweaks here and there to make sure of the success , we need to make a few changes, or maybe recreate altogether. Just like a kid solving a mathematics recreate his entire solution again to check where he went wrong. We humans need that !!

I do not mean something like Genesis where the word ends and then starts all over again. (Apocalypse is a big NO). what i mean is recreating and finding the humanity and goodness which is still buried deep beneath the pile of greed, jealousy, lust, cheating and lying. We need to reset to out factory settings and become the race which we were meant be. The race which runs this world and makes it a better place and not a scary one.

Say it out loud !!


 Why do we complicated things which are already so complicated? It was better when we were animals, at least with our actions we showed exactly what was going on in our minds. Today, things have changed. We blanket every feeling we have and then let it out. Why??

You like me, say it out loud. 

You don’t like me, don’t lead me on, say it out loud. 

You think he is wrong, jus say it out loud , before its too late.

Later don’t think you should have said it while you sit alone and meditate. 

Say it out loud else you will regret, 

Don’t wait till your feelings become a threat. 

Its a simple life, 

Just say it out loud. 

Do not wait till you are covered with a shroud. 


the little things…….


Life is really full of surprises. There are ups and downs. Laughter and tears. We are so involved in our troubles and other’s troubles that sometimes we forget to enjoy the little things . Also we sometimes don’t even realise that these little things have a great impact on us in some way or the other. 

You are a student. Lectures , assignments, presentations and exams. But amongst all this, when you spend one lazy afternoon with your best friend, it just calms you down. You forget everything for the moment. Obviously the next day you are back again in the turmoil of your student life. But the moment of peace you spent with your friend charged you up. 

You are a busy busy businessman. You have no time for family. Still once or twice a year you make sure to have a holiday with your kids and wife. No matter a long one or a short one. Because these little things make you happy and charge you up for the next hard task . 

Working woman have the most difficult lives. Juggling between family and work. But when she comes home and sees that her kids are waiting for her to wish her happy birthday (which she had forgotten) , its the mist precious of the moments. And she forgets everything. 

An old woman spends all day reading or watching TV . But when her grandson just comes up to her, hugs her and kisses her and then leaves for school, it makes her day. 


Small things matter . You just don’t realise. In this hustle of life, small things actually push you to a positive side. They might be very minute but the still matter. Take everything that comes to you. Just stay happy. 



I Travelled Miles


When you travel , you make so many memories. Traveling to new places means learning new things, meeting new people.

According to me , another kind of traveling is when you travel for someone, to meet someone. When the journey seems really  long as at the other end there is someone waiting. You travel for miles and miles yet you are anxious till you reach your destination. You don’t seem to care about anything else at that moment.

When a husband covers miles and miles just to be on time for his wife’s delivery. The journey is full of worry. When a father travels the entire night just to make sure he makes it in time for his child’s birthday. When a man drives for miles to meet someone special. The wait, checking the time a 1000 times. Its all different than just traveling on a normal day.


These things go unnoticed unless you really strain and think about it. Also you need a lot of free time to be thinking such things. But again, small things matter the most. So ponder over it my friends.


That Girl


She is friendly. She is funny. But at the same time she is shy. She is timid. She gets scared by small things. But she isn’t afraid of bigger problems. While watching movies, she fast forwards the sad part. She never watches the parts which make her cry. She is weird. She is a nerd. She brings Harry Potter references in almost ever conversation she has. She makes mistakes . She feels guilt like no other. She is brainy but she is so dumb in real life. 


She is your friend. You love her. She wants true love and true friendship. That girl is the best thing that can happen to anyone. So if you have “That Girl” in your life, don’t let her go. She might be precious. You never know!! 


Nerd Girl Problem……


Somethings are worth waiting for. I realised it many times in life now. And every time I realise it, I am amazed more and more. 

Just like since I was eleven years old and I would wait and wait for the new Harry Potter book. The excitement, the anxiety everything was heightened. No one in my circle would understand it. They would call me crazy for being this weird nerd girl who was waiting for just a book. Hold on, JUST A BOOK????? NO WAYS…… It was like life and death for me. 

 Like now,( I am 23 years old),  I was waiting for my student exchange program for London. Everyone was excited . So was I. But again, there was a slight difference. I was excited as I would get to go to Harry Potter Studios where the movie was made. See everything with my own eyes. Experience everything. Go to Kings Cross station and run towards the wall for platform 9 3/4. And yet again, nobody understood. 


I am excited for the next Mortal Instruments movie as I already read the book and know what happens. Around me people don’t even know its a series of books. OMG!!!!!!1 I wish I find someone exactly like me. It’s like I don’t fit. As if I am an alien. 

I hate shopping. Though take me to a book shop and I am on cloud 9!! 

Nerd Girls, I am with you. You are not alone!! I just hope I get my own kind soon enough. Waiting !!!!!