A cup of positivity

Dark times like these, when everywhere you look, there are people sick, dying or scared of dying.

The human race is facing something which has never been seen or experienced ever before.

We have been asked to stay inside the four walls of our homes. In the comfort of our house with our family. Why can’t we just follow that?!

Wear masks. Don’t leave your house unless necessary. Why cannot we contemplate the gravity of the situation still?!

We all need to look at it in a positive way. Stay with your family and loved ones. That is all which will keep you and them safe. Spend time with them. Life has given us an opportunity to stay with our family. Leave the rush hours of the daily mundane activities and do what you love. Find a new hobby. Carry on your old one. Read those books which are carrying dust on the shelf. Write that book which you had in mind long ago. Cook for your family. Play fort with the kids. Spend time with your parents and not with your friends outside.

Take a cup of positivity in this situation and savor it. Stay safe and healthy. Keep others safe and healthy.

Published by Monika Bharti

Reading is magical. It is an adventure! Author of Not a Fairytale. A bookworm. A fatalist. A storyteller. A PhD student, always ready to learn more. Happy reading.

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