Masks, kids and a road trip

Corona! Corona!

2020 went in a way no one could even fathom! Now, in 2021, people have either let go the fear and stepped out or embraced the fear and stepped out. Either way, people are now out and about!!

With two kids of ages 1 and 3.5, my husband and I finally stepped out for a 7 hour long road trip from Delhi to Jaipur. Oh the preparations. Sanatizers, sprays, dettol wipes, food, clotthes, water, masks, more masks, extra clothes(kids need atleast 5-7 extra pairs always) and the list went on.

It was scary but it was also a welcome change. My younger one had never been on a road trip. An entirely new experience for him. My elder one, my girl, couldn’t be more happy. She was holed up in the house due to the locldown like everyone else on our planet and the fresh air lifted her spirits considerably. Her joy was so pure and warm.

The city of Jaipur, India was as always, beautiful and welcoming. But visiting places in the summer heat, with kids, with masks, with sanatizers and the constant fear of contamination held us back from exploring like we would have otherwise. We visited the City Palace, Jaipur, but left soon due to the imcreasing crowd. But the little we saw turned into beautiful memories with our kids. Some, which we will look back on and relish.

Kids want to run and fall and run again. Due to covid fear, running and falling makes parents go crazy with sanatizers and soaps and wipes. So we ended up leaving the crowded places.

Overall, our trip was wonderful. Singing in the car, playing, napping, enjoying the hotel rooms, room service, the tourist places and the food. Finally, back home, confined to the safety of our home, I look back and feel proud that we overcame the fear and stepped out with caution and came back home safely with the kids. But throughout, we always had masks on, sanatizers ready and always maintained distance everywhere.

Always be safe. Maintain distance. Wear a mask. Stay safe.

Published by Monika Bharti

Reading is magical. It is an adventure! Author of Not a Fairytale. A bookworm. A fatalist. A storyteller. A PhD student, always ready to learn more. Happy reading.

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