Nights like these

The wind silently gusting,

The breathing of my loved ones slow and peaceful.

Everyone around me in a slumber,

Nights like these make me wonder.

It’s my time to let my mind go free,

Nothing to divert my attention but my own soul at will.

It’s my time to dream and hope,

Thinking of my endeavours which I want to fulfill.

All day long we rush through life,

Not stopping to even think what we really like.

It’s work , family, rest.

It’s money, power, fame. All objectives of our quest.

Nights like these when I am wide awake,

I wonder of all the things I can do,

Of what I have done and what I want to get done.

Of the stereotypes that I want to break.

No one knows how wild my imagination goes,

Nights like these,

Fuels up my soul and on an adventure it goes.

My baby stirs a little and then back to her slumber.

Oh that was close,

My mind back to ponder.

Nights like these I see,

All the possibilities ,

I get to bed finally.

Keeping in mind,

The next new day is a new opportunity.

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