When you go shopping for whatever reason, what do you keep in mind? Budget, genre and the LABEL which you are going to buy.

With humans now a days hash tagging everything from feelings to the labels which they or their kids ar wearing, I personally think our entire lives are labelled.

Think about it! Even kids label some kid as scrawny, teachers pet, a loser, a bully. We are given labels since the moment we step into this world. Every kid has been labelled in school. COme college and we are given different labels. Some are labelled as snitches, some as popular girls, some as studs, some as nerds and it goes on. Stepping into adulthood, we become spouses, parents and other labels are attached to us. In addition to these, we find comfort in buying and owning the labels which we chose on our own. Which no one has bestowed upon us but we have chosen on our own accord. Some of us are very particular when it comes to buying our preferred labels. Why so? Is it because at least that is one thing which we chose to define us? Atwork, our targets, our clients , our bosses define us as hard working, a slacker , a psychophant, a go getter. People label us based on from where we are, our background, our family, income, color, creed. We do not control those.

Hence the labels which we buy. The bliss of owning a lable which you like and which you think defines you gives you a sense of security that yes, you can define who you are by what you wear. To hell with the world who chooses to label you based on stuff which you aren’t made of. The label can be anything. It’s not based on the money but on your choice. It might not even be a known lable, but as long as you chose it for yourself, sans the judgement and lingering eyes of this big bad world, it’s your choice. And your choice matters.

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