Long time, no EQ

Hello everyone. I know I have been absent for quite some time now. And my reason is a pretty adorable one- my 1.5 year old daughter.

Raising a toddler whilst maintaining a relationship with your friends, family and husband is one hell of a task. Yes, you heard me right. We mothers are always tagged with being too emotional, too touchy about things. Too much EQ running high within and around a mother.

There are rough patches in every relationship. Things come to a rut. And if you are a romantic fool like me, then you still expect your spouse to do the things they once did when you first started going out. You still expect the same EQ, the same zeal as you. But you don’t get that , do you?! It’s normal in every relationship after a certain point of time . Especially after a new tiny human comes into the picture. I know things cannot be the same, atleast not for a while. But if you cannot do those cheesy romantic things anymore, atleast you can have a little empathy towards one another. Have the same level of EQ to match your compatibility.

In today’s world of hatred, cheaters, frauds, liars, terrorists maybe EQ is what we all need. Do not show what you are doing for others, but atleast feel their pain and empathise. Do not try to show your love to 100 people around, but make your loved ones feel supported and safe.

For a mom who is struggling to eat, sleep, cook, clean for her baby, try to just support her and listen to her when she tells you about her exhaustion. Try to understand her level of exhaustion rather than compare yours.

For a teenager who is struggling to find his/her own identity, dealing with bully’s, trying to figure out what they want- try to listen to them and show that you support them rather than thrust your opinion of what is supposed to be done.

I think we all could use some  EQ for a better world.

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