Race for respect

We all strive hard throughout our lives for success, fame, money, a beautiful family, and what not. everywhere we see, man is racing to achieve something or the other. If we see between both the genders, women are racing for equality and to dissolve discrimination in ever field. There is a race everywhere.

When it comes to marriage, a man wants a beautiful wife, who earns well, looks good, cooks good. What is all that about? Women strive hard all throughout there lives to be the perfect life partner, the perfect mother, daughter- in- law and the perfect example of a working woman too. Is it so that everyone loves them? Is it a need for love from everyone around?

I think not. It is a race for respect! Not just women. It is for all human beings. A man will race all his life, to provide for his family, his parents, be good enough for his friends. He doesn’t need approval. He needs respect. The moment a person knows he has earned somebody’s respect, there is an internal peace which gushes thorough the heart, warming you up. Take Indian women for example. We are all aware that India is a developing nation, still on the cusp of age old traditions and globalization. Here, girls are raised with high class education, MBAs, PhDs, etc.. But when it comes to marriage, the most common trait families look for is can she manage a household, can she cook and look after her family. Overcoming all this, the lady does it all. Cooks, works, keeps her family happy. She doesn’t do it out of pressure. She does it for respect. From her in laws, her husband and for the respect of her parents. People might not love you for what you do, but if you gain their respect, it a jewel in the crown itself.


Students might not love their strict teacher, but they respect him nonetheless. That is what humans look for. Respect. I am a married woman. I love my husband a lot. We may not be romantic all the time. We may have good and bad days, like every husband-wife, we bicker. The love is another chapter all together. But the respect we have for each other never lets us cross any line. We may not display affection everyday like shown in the movies, but respect exists.

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