The Blame Game


It’s human tendency, whatever happens, we blame it one anything or anyone but ourselves. It’s not like I am passing judgement . It goes with me as well.

Since childhood, my family and friends have said that sometimes I go in a trance. And then I talk something so random that nobody understands. Well I don’t blame them . I blame the books. Yes, books , who are my best friends. I have been reading since I can remember . And being an ardent reader along with a very imaginative mind, I tend to go in the trance or what some people call my own weird magical dreamworld.

I blame the wonderful authors who created a world so beautiful that the real world just isn’t enough for me.

I blame the mesmerising characters who swept me off my feet, made me look at the “Real” people differently .

I blame the beautiful words and poetry which made my dialect so smooth that people think I am either trying to show off or rathe not making any sense.

But  most of all, I blame the People , in this so called real world , who don’t understand me and my dreams and look at me with those judging eyes.



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