I Travelled Miles


When you travel , you make so many memories. Traveling to new places means learning new things, meeting new people.

According to me , another kind of traveling is when you travel for someone, to meet someone. When the journey seems really  long as at the other end there is someone waiting. You travel for miles and miles yet you are anxious till you reach your destination. You don’t seem to care about anything else at that moment.

When a husband covers miles and miles just to be on time for his wife’s delivery. The journey is full of worry. When a father travels the entire night just to make sure he makes it in time for his child’s birthday. When a man drives for miles to meet someone special. The wait, checking the time a 1000 times. Its all different than just traveling on a normal day.


These things go unnoticed unless you really strain and think about it. Also you need a lot of free time to be thinking such things. But again, small things matter the most. So ponder over it my friends.



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