Nerd Girl Problem……


Somethings are worth waiting for. I realised it many times in life now. And every time I realise it, I am amazed more and more. 

Just like since I was eleven years old and I would wait and wait for the new Harry Potter book. The excitement, the anxiety everything was heightened. No one in my circle would understand it. They would call me crazy for being this weird nerd girl who was waiting for just a book. Hold on, JUST A BOOK????? NO WAYS…… It was like life and death for me. 

 Like now,( I am 23 years old),  I was waiting for my student exchange program for London. Everyone was excited . So was I. But again, there was a slight difference. I was excited as I would get to go to Harry Potter Studios where the movie was made. See everything with my own eyes. Experience everything. Go to Kings Cross station and run towards the wall for platform 9 3/4. And yet again, nobody understood. 


I am excited for the next Mortal Instruments movie as I already read the book and know what happens. Around me people don’t even know its a series of books. OMG!!!!!!1 I wish I find someone exactly like me. It’s like I don’t fit. As if I am an alien. 

I hate shopping. Though take me to a book shop and I am on cloud 9!! 

Nerd Girls, I am with you. You are not alone!! I just hope I get my own kind soon enough. Waiting !!!!! 




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