“I HAVE to read this book. I HAVE to finish it. I HAVE to complete it”

The normal version of how bookworms like me react about books that make their hearts skip a beat. So here’s a few words to describe how I feel when I do not complete a certain book.

I feel a void inside me,

A piece of my heart is missing.

I feel incomplete,

The blood has stopped rushing.

Everything eles is a blur,

Only you are clear.

The ocean is calm without a stir,

It installs in me fear.

I am incomplete without you,

I can’ breathe without you.

Come and complete me,

Only then I will be set free!!

Not only these feeling are for the books, but for the characters who have stolen my heart and will always be with me forever. Be it Mr Darcy of Pride and Prejudice, Rhet Butler of Gone with the Wind, Harry Potter and so on. They have left me incomplete. I feel secure when I read those books again. I feel safe in my own world. I hope you all will understand the feeling.

Books are magical!!



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