A Writers Dream…..


Every writer is like God for people like me who have live to read. Since childhood, books were my best friends. They gave me inspirations, imagination and hope. I am sure they do the same for you all as well.

But did I want to be a writer since childhood? No.  I just loved reading. I would get lost in the fictional world and wouldn’t want to return. But as I started growing up, I found that penning down my feelings were easier than speaking out loud. I was greatly inspired by J K Rowling. Harry potter has been my life since I was eleven. And since then, I have dreamt of being a writer.


It has been my dream that I write and write. That people read my books. They connect with my books, my words. The kids take my name and buy my books. It’s not about money, it’s about the feeing which I had about my favourite authors which I want for myself . I want to inspire others. I want to touch other’s souls and lives, like I was touched by So many great authors like J K Rowling, Enid Blyton, Margaret Mitchell, and so many others.

This is my dream. A writers dream.



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