always a kid……..


So it’s a BIG DEAL. Growing up and fitting in this very complicated society and complying with the norms . I am around people who are “Oh so sophisticated”  and fit in with the Hot and Hip culture which is in now a days. And me??

Well, I prefer going to a bookshop and buying books rather than going to malls. I prefer watching Superman over some romantic movie. I sleep on a Disney bed sheet. I carry around my favorite fiction books wherever I travel.  I get to hear from so many people “You are always a kid!! please grow up!!”


WHY SHOULD I?? I prefer being away from this real world where everyone is fake and mean . If you want to call me a kid then so be it. I would rather be a kid and stay happy than be miserable and pity myself because of the real darkness of this world . At least I am happy and contented. The thought of the famous quotes of Albus Dumbledore calms me down. The story of Scarlett motivates me to always move on and never give up.

Yes I am a kid. Infact I think that inside everyone there is a kid. Keep that kid alive and you will be happy.



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