sick of reality…….


So heres the deal. This real world sucks. It’s my personal opinion. I am not stating it as a fact. I might be wrong. 

Having had two months of experience working in the HR department in an organization made me miss my school days so much that you have no idea. I mean, seriously, I would prefer the school drama anytime over the grown up office drama. 

Every time I was stuck in a situation, I would sail away in my fantasy boat to my dream world. I would think of the strong characters in the books who never gave up. I would think of Scarlett from Gone with the Wind and think, if she could go through every bit of harsh reality, why not me? I know I am being dramatic, but it’s in my nature. I would be reminded of how normal people can excel with great motivation. And I get all my motivation from books, fiction and the fictional characters. 

But that doesn’t stop me from saying that I am sick of reality. I guess this feeling is also a part of growing up. 



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