musical words………….


what is life without being a little dramatic?? since childhood I have been a very dramatic chid.  no matter what situation I would be in, I would always have a perfect song for myself and would also have a perfect book character to relate to.

it’s kind of a therapy for myself. when you are alone and in a pickle, a song for yourself will sooth you, motivate you. when you are in love, a song for yourself will make you smile and love the person more. when you are depressed, listening to a sad song keeps you in that mood for a while and later you somehow feel better. when you are working hard , a song to motivate yourself will always buck you up!!

words with music- the songs have a huge impact on our daily lives but we don’t realise it. people go on drives alone with their ipods, not realising that those musical words are their best companions.



I realised it. it’s time you do too. and keep in touch with these musical words, they never fail you!!



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