it’s magic I feel…………


When we were kids, we used to love watching a magic show. The acts of a magician would make us  go, “OOHHHHHH” And then for days we would be under the influence of that magicians acts and we would be in awe. 


So what if we are grown ups now? I feel there is still that influence of magic on us. When I read a book, something which grips me so hard it’s hard to let go, I feel that it’s magic which holds me to it. After I have completed the book, I am somehow still stuck to it. Like its a jinx which holds me to it. Don’t you feel that some books are hard to let go? What is it that makes you not forget them and actually dream about them whenever possible? I feel it’s magic. 

The kid in me thinks that those books are magical!! that’s what I feel! Keep this magic inside you , keep the kid alive and happy!!



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