it’s MY world!! back OFF!!


Remember when we were kids and we got a new toy. We would play with it all day, even sleep with it by our side. We would be so possessive that even if someone else touched it or even came near it, we would become defensive!! We wouldn’t like someone else having the same toy. It was exclusively yours. Just yours. And the moment every other kid had it, you would be upset. 


Well, I am still the same . But not regarding any toy but regarding my Dream World. My Dream World consists of :

  1. My Books.
  2. My Fiction.
  3. My Fictional Characters.
  4. The Dreams I have about them .
  5. The faith I have on them. 

And the moment someone even comments about them, I am ready to disown that person immediately. The moment someone comes close to enter it and try to ruin it in any way, my ninja powers come to life. I like being the way I am. I like the way I stay in my own little world and I hate reality. So what?!! I will not let some REALISTIC person come and burst my bubble. 


Also, I am possessive.  I do not want to share my fictional world with anyone else. I love my books and my characters. I am possessive about them. I wouldn’t want someone else to be near them. 

See,it’s simple. It’s MY world, So back OFF!! 🙂 

Live and let live. 




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