in my dreamworld………….


This world is sometimes so confusing. Sometimes we curse our lives and sometimes we say, “My life is the best. I love my life!” Funny, isn’t it?!!

Well I have a hard time facing reality. Because in this real world, I have to wake up and go to office. I have to behave in a proper manner in front of certain people. I have to take care of what I wear, what I say, and so on. Isn’t that tedious? YES it is!! That is the reason I love being in my own dreamworld. I have come to realize that your dreamworld is the only place where you are safe. Where no on can ever hurt you or shatter your desires. Where no one can touch you or stop you.



When I am out in the big bad world, and someone is mean to me, I think of Harry Potter. I go in my special dreamworld and suddenly all those chapters where people have been mean to Harry come to me. And I survive. When someone hurts me, I again go in my special dreamworld, a sad song plays in the background . I am overwhelmed but after a while, another song, a motivational and peppy one starts and I realize how amazing I am as a person and I  love myself and my life again. 

I am telling you. This dreamworld of yours, it’s not a childish thing. It’s like your safety blanket. It keeps you going on. Also, it’s fun. There you can be anything, do anything and no one is there to judge you. You never have to be a grown up!!

So keep on dreaming 🙂 



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