in love with the words…….


since childhood, my mind has been into books and fiction. actually it still is. it takes my mind off things like REALITY!! 


and as a silly romantic girl, the love and romance in books has always held my attention. the words made me feel things which nobody else ever. Mr Darcy of Pride and Prejudice, the perfect gentleman. The love triangle of Wuthering Heights and so on. the sacrifice for love by Romeo and Juliet. i fell in love with the words. those words made me feel love and sacrifice like no human could ever make me feel.  

its funny , i know instead of loving someone else, i am in love with my books and my fictional characters. and i have a very valid reason for that, they don’t hurt me back.

i am in love with the words .



5 thoughts on “in love with the words…….

  1. It’s amazing how a few simple words written in a certain way can make you feel such powerful emotions. I have been in love with many a literary hero and the joy you get from reading such books is indescribable. Just found your blog, love the background picture. 🙂

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